20 Feb, 2011 | news

"Stand-Up Uk" and "Stand Up for Comic Relief"

"Remarkable Arts" asked me to book and run their "Stand-Up Uk" shows at the Eindhoven Comedy Festival in Holland. Stand-up comics have a saying about gigs in Holland: "Dutch audiences just stare at you in silence until you cry." Ginger & Black, James Acaster, Naz Osmanoglu and Jason Cook were the intrepid and brilliant group of comics (below) who proved that old saying wrong. The shows sold out. The Dutch raved about "cool" English comedy. And nobody cried. 



Meanwhile my involvement in the BBC's "Comic Relief" radio project expanded into a bit of filming for a BBC One television documentary about it called "Stand Up for Comic Relief." The BBC chose a presenter/comedy mentor team from the North, the Midlands, and from the South they chose me and BBC Sussex radio presenter Neil Pringle. He's got to do a five minute spot at London's "Comedy Cafe" on Thurs March 10th now! The BBC will be there to film him. Fingers crossed he doesn't put too much swearing back into his set...