22 Jan, 2020 | weekend stand up comedy course, komedia brighton

Jill's Weekend Comedy Course at Komedia Brighton with Theme Tune...

Jill Edwards Comedy Weekend Comedy Course at Komedia Brighton

I had a wonderful time with these absolute legends on my Komedia Brighton weekend comedy course. My weekend stand-up comedy classes are always a great mix of people of all ages, genders and from all walks of life, who've all come along for different reasons. They can be looking to improve their confidence or their presentation skills or public speaking. Maybe they just want to step outside their comfort zone, or do something a bit different, or challenge themselves. They might be serious about comedy writing or just fancy having a fun go at stand-up comedy. They can be there to "dip a toe" in safe comedy waters to see if they want to take it further. Whatever brings them to my stand-up comedy course weekend - it's always a lot of fun.

This January weekend comedy course was unusual because the partcipants were almost all women. Please note the very happy looking solo man in the photo above! These incredible women were the most amazing and eclectic bunch of inspirational and properly funny women you're ever likely to meet. I felt very lucky to have met them all. It was just such a fun weekend.  

It's also really unusual for one of my weekend stand-up comedy courses to have it's own theme tune! My delightful comedy course participant Lalitya decided that Hot Chocolate's "You Sexy Thing" was her inspirational theme tune, and everyone else just embraced it. Their sharing/show to conclude their stand-up comedy weekend was a total joy. When the lights came back up again we finished the whole thing off with a burst of "You Sexy Thing," and there was a bit of joyful dancing. It was all an absolute pleasure. 

I'm looking forward to doing it all again for my Komedia Brighton weekend comedy course in June. I wonder who I'll have the pleasure of spending a comedy weekend with this time? And will we have a theme tune? I'm excited to find out...