08 Feb, 2018 | corporate training, presenting with confidence and humour

Building Presentation Skills, Confidence and Homes with Lendlease Development Europe...

Presenting with Confidence and Humour with Lendlease Development Europe

I really enjoyed my corporate training session with a great group of fresh young employees from Lendlease Development Europe at their temporary Stratford base. You can see through the window in the photographs that Lendlease are pretty much re-building Stratford! I imagine the homes they're building will be impressive as their beautifully designed and very practical temporary office building in Stratford is one of the most impressive office spaces I've worked in.   

The Lendlease policy of providing free food for all their staff did mean there was a lot of bacon and sausage sandwiches eaten during our session! They were a brilliant group of exciting and interesting people who represent the next generation of their company. They wanted my help to improve their presentation skills by learning how to to use appropriate humour to break the ice and engage their audience more effectively. They also wanted help improving their confidence when delivering presentations. I think I enjoyed the day (and the bacon and sausage sandwiches) as much as they did. 

"It was a great course and I think we all got something out of it." Aimee Bickerton, Assistant Development Manager

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