16 Aug, 2020 | online comedy course weekend, International comedy courses

Fun and Games with Fabulous Folk on Jill's Online Weekend Comedy Course...

I had a silly amount of fun with these fantastic funny people on my online weekend comedy course. They were a brilliant mix of happy like minded friendly people from nearby, all across the country and all around the World - New York, New Jersey, Cyprus and Naples. I'm really enjoying being able to continue working with the International comedy crowd online.

They had a lot of fun learning how to write their own stand-up comedy. They had a go at creating their own online comedy content. And they even made up their own words! We all laughed - a lot. These amazing people were just great fun all weekend.

We concluded our online weekend comedy course with two shows! One show was of their brand new short online comedy content clips. And one show was of their brilliant short stand-up comedy sets. They were both a total joy to watch. What a fun weekend! 

I'm really enjoying creating brand new comedy courses specifically designed for online. My new online comedy courses are not just substitutes for stand-up comedy courses I'm not currently teaching face to face. They are exciting new and truly International comedy courses in their own right. There are more coming soon too! Watch this space!

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