19 Nov, 2019 | graduate news

Jill Celebrates 15 Years of "Chambers Management" Comedy Agency...

Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops Graduate Jimmy Carr and Jill Edwards

I spent last night catching up with old friends and helping Hannah Chambers celebrate the 15th anniversary of her hugely successful comedy management agency "Chambers Management." My comedy workshops graduates Jimmy Carr and Hannah Chambers have been an unbeatable comedian/agent team for over twenty years. They've effectively worked their way up the ranks of the comedy industry together.

When I first met Hannah she was fresh out of University. She took a job as a waitress at a comedy club while she was doing my stand-up comedy course. Hannah moved on to get a job as an agent for that comedy club. Then fifteen years ago she started up Chambers Management with a small list of clients that included Jimmy Carr, Daniel Kitson and soon expanded to include Sarah Millican, Frankie Boyle. Hannah is an amazing women. She's also hilarious. 

Not everyone who does my stand-up comedy course will end up as a stand-up comic. There are so many critical and interesting jobs that pull together to create the comedy industry. I have comedy course graduates like Christian Knowles who also runs a hugely sucessful agency "Blue Book" formerly CKP.  My Komedia Brighton comedy course graduate Toby Whithouse is an award winning television writer, as is Jenny Colgan. While stand-up comics are the face of our industry there are many, many people behiind the scenes of the huge complex machine that generates it.

Nobody throws a party quite like Hannah. Her parties are always plush, chilled and packed with wonderful comedy people. These photos would be more plentiful  and more in focus but there was a lot of laughing and backseat selfie taking...

Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops Graduate Hannah Chambers and Jill Edwards