20 Sep, 2020 | comic boom comedy club, advanced comedy workshop

A Spectacular Open Air "Comic BABY Boom" on Brighton Beach...

Komedia Brighton Presents "Comic BABY Boom" at The Warren

I'm feeling very proud of every single one of my advanced stand-up comedy workshop students. All of them were just superb in our Komedia Brighton Presents "Comic BABY Boom" show at The Warren today. It was the best I'd ever seen every single one of them. And three of them did their first ever gigs today! And stormed it. It was all so much fun. 

Our packed out audience were a joy. They were sitting in the sun on a Sunday afternoon with drinks on their tables enjoying live new comedy. Our MC Aidan Goatley said to me at one point, "every time I go on stage and look out at the audience I'm met with a sea of happy smiling faces." 

The Warren is an amazing venue. It's enabled live comedy to continue safely in Brighton during these crazy covid times. It's a pop up venue, totally open air and it's right on Brighton beach. It's superbly run by our good friends at Other Place Productions. A joy to be working with them again for this and our monthly Comic Boom comedy club shows. 

This photograph taken by my graduate James Ellis is one of my all time favourite photos of my advanced comedy workshop group. It was taken during their "Comic BABY Boom" soundcheck today. I know we live in crazy difficult times right now but things like this are the best bits. 


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