06 May, 2017 | stand up comedy course, komedia brighton

A New Act Night Show Rehearsal with Fancy Poses...

Jill Edwards Stand Up Comedy Course Spring 2017

We had so much fun (and a lot of snacks) at our "New Act Night" show rehearsal today at Komedia Brighton. It's been "comedy home" for my lovely stand-up comedy class of Spring 2017 for the last twelve Saturday afternoons. On Tuesday May 9th we're flinging open the doors and inviting an actual audience to join us in Komedia's Main Space for our "New Act Night" show! Exciting! 

I'm just so proud of my latest fabulous and funny fledgling comedians. They've been such a fun, supportive and easy to work with group. It's been a real pleasure teaching them. Today's joyful and slightly over excited rehearsal featured a huge buffet (nobody was going to die of hunger), photo bombing (this has become a rehearsal trend) and fancy poses for the camera (one of them did it and the rest joined in). And a song from John, "We Did It Jill's Way!" Frank Sinatra turning in his grave. There was actual rehearsing too. 

I cannot wait to watch my brilliant newbie comedians in our "New Act Night" show. I love watching them take to the stage for the very first time but I can get so excited I forget to breathe!

And I am as always looking forward to doing it all over again with my Autumn 2017 stand-up comedy course at Komedia Brighton. 

Jack and Katherine showcase the buffet

Patrick starts the fancy pose thing

Thierry runs with the fancy pose thing

Anna tries to end the fancy pose thing

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