23 Sep, 2016 | comic boom comedy club, stand up comedy course, graduates, news

A Brief Heartfelt History of the Brighton Comedy Circuit...

Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops Graduate Seann Walsh

I'm sending out big blushing thanks to journalist Victoria Nangle from Brighton's "Latest 7" for her lovely feature about some of the stuff I get up to at Komedia Brighton.

"One of the main reasons Brighton is such a great city for comedy is Jill Edwards. The comedy coach has been running courses teaching stand up comedy in this city for over a decade, with graduates soaring to success on TV and radio, garnering accolades, and receiving international success. It’s pretty neat... read full feature

Just over a decade ago Latest 7's comedy reviewer Victoria Nangle was searching Brighton looking for signs of stand-up. It's hard to imagine now but back then the only comedy clubs in town were Komedia's Krater and a little new act night called "Rabbits in the Headlights."

The Brighton Comedy Festival and the Brighton Festival and Festival Fringe were all just starting-up. My friends at Komedia were keen to do more to facilitate exciting new comic talent to emerge from Brighton. When I moved my well-established stand-up comedy courses to Komedia back in 2005 Victoria Nangle gave me a call.

A huge comedy fan she was keen to see a stand-up comedy circuit in Brighton. In conjunction with other local comedy industry, Krater MC comedian Stephen Grant, Nicky Haydn from Otherplace Productions and my stand-up comedy course graduates who became sucessful comics or set-up local comedy clubs in Brighton - we grew a great little comedy circuit!

We built it and they came - new comedy venues, exciting comedians and curious national journalists. The Brighton comedy circuit became "a thing." Now all of us involved in the ever expanding thriving Brighton comedy circuit can just work together to keep it a wonderful "thing!"

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