Team bonding with humour

No need to trek across Dartmoor or get paint-balled to oblivion – again. Your teams can bond while creating their own stand-up comedy show.

We all know the benefits of humour: it promotes creativity, positive attitude, reduces stress and creates a bond. These innovative training sessions specifically designed for non-comics will give your teams a confidence building, presentation improving, creativity boosting, team bonding experience.

Over twenty years, leading comedy in business trainer Jill Edwards has run these comedy workshops for a wide range of professionals, promotional events and organisations, including Sheila's Wheels, Brighton & Hove City Council, Varian Medical and BBC Southern Counties.   

Your teams will learn how to create and perform a basic short comedy set. Working in small groups delegates will learn new ways to use and present information through straightforward practical creative writing techniques and comedy formats. Practising simple, effective, nerve busting performance skills will ensure a confidence boosting performance in a team comedy show. It’s a lot more fun and a lot less frightening than swinging from a rope in the rain…

Team bonding with humour workshops are individually tailored to fit clients needs and can be suitable for small to larger groups of delegates, or for specific events. Check out Jill's onlne comedy training for business For further information please e-mail Jill on: